What is the difference between Lease Rights & Exclusive Rights?
Lease Rights grants you LIMITED user-rights to the beat of your choice and allows you to use it on up to 2000(MP3)/4000(Wav) copies. When you purchase Exclusive Rights your provided UNLIMITED use on any medium forever! Lease Rights can be sold to more than one artist at the same time until Exclusive Rights of the beat have been sold.

What is included with each purchase?
Each purchase includes the following: A contract and receipt stating your rights of ownership to the beat, high quality 320kbps mp3.-format of the beat or .wav-format(.wav lease)(trackouts in .MP3/.wav format available with Exclusive Rights only on a per request basis). You will receive the beat, contract, receipt and any files as electronically via download-links, TAG FREE, sent to your paypal email-address.

What are acceptable Methods of Payments?
Currently we accept payments via Paypal. Through Paypal, you can use your paypal funds or use your debit card or credit card of choice. Paypal is the most trusted and secure method for accepting online payments and is trusted by merchants and clients everywhere. A manual invoice can also be sent, simply email us at itsKOTIC@gmail.com with details. Cash payments are also accepted (LOCAL ONLY).

What happens if someone purchases Exclusive Rights after I purchased Lease Rights?
You can still use the beat until the Terms & Conditions are fulfilled. Exclusive Rights do not effect prior Lease Rights.

I've purchased Exclusive Rights, what happens to the beat there after?
Once you've purchased Exclusive Rights the beat is automatically Removed from our beat store or Marked as SOLD. The beat will not be Leased out or Re Sold there after. It is possible that the beat has been Leased before.

May I Resell the rights to the beat(s) I've purchased?
No! You may not resell the beat in any way shape or form nor may you transfer the rights you've purchased to another party.

May I edit or alter beat(s) I've purchased?
With Exclusive Rights you can, as long as it conforms to the terms set off in the contract. For Lease rights, No.

When will I receive the beat I purchased?
Beats are sent Tag Free instantly upon purchase. Check your paypal email address. If not shown in your inbox, check your Spam folder. Manual orders may take up to 24 hours to send. If still not received contact us immediately at itSKOTIC@gmail.com specifying the beat you purchased and paypal email address used. Your beat will then be sent manually as an attachment including the contract.

Can I trust you?
Yes you can! Reputation and Customer Service are very important to us. We are Paypal Verified. We have worked exclusively with various industry artist and labels and have gained a great reputation.

May I send you the song after it has been completed?
Absolutely!!! With the rights purchased your entitled to promotion based on your rights. Feel free to send an email at itsKOTIC@gmail.com. Twitter may be used as well if the song is uploaded online already. Tweet us at @itsKOTIC.

Do you offer free beats?
Yes we do. Feel free to visit our Free Beats section where you can check out single beats or beat tapes. To stay updated on when free beats are released follow via twitter & instagram @itsKOTIC and also check on this site periodically.

Will you work with my budget?
I do work with budgets. This applies to Lease rights and Exclusive rights. Depending on several factors including but not limited to existing working relationships, fan base, bulk deals, etc. deals can always be reached. Feel free to contact us at itsKOTIC@gmail.com

What if I violate your Terms & Conditions?
Legal action may be taken. We try to avoid taking legal actions if possible through several methods but are prepared to take legal action if necessary. Contract states terms and conditions clearly. Copyright infringement is not tolerated. Legal domicile in Florida, U.S.A.

I have more questions
Serious inquiries only, contact us at itsKOTIC@gmail.com