How To Sell Your Own Beats Online

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The online market is expanding when it comes to DOWNLOADING BEATS. Rap Beats, Hip Hop Instrumentals & Buy Beats are some of the most searched terms on the internet. The music business is filled with Music Producers who are taking advantage of this market while it is still expanding. Plenty of artist NEED BEATS, Plenty of artist WANT BEATS & thats where YOU COME IN. picture
Websites such as MyflashStore provide you with a simple to use automated system that utilizes a custom BEAT PLAYER(similar to the one below) and Pay Pal. Simply UPLOAD YOUR BEATS, artist click the beat they want, select buy now & they are sent directly to YOUR PAY PAL page where they will PAY YOU directly!
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Being 100% independent means YOU CONTROL what beats are for sale, YOU CONTROL how much your beats cost and most importantly, YOU KEEP ALL OF YOUR EARNINGS. Don't let anybody make commission off of your hard work!

MyBeatShop is also an excellent website that allows you to host your beats. Although MyBeatShop charges commission, the traffic that this website generates is invaluable. Many producers use this website in conjunction with their own beat shop to supplement the income there beats are making. Best of all, producers can sign up for free and choose how many beats he or she is interested in placing on the site.