NEWS: itsKOTIC Designs Illiaximus and Katastrofik Syndicate's New Website

Illiaximus Shadow Opps Beats Katastrofik Syndicate picture

On behalf of, itsKOTIC has designed the website, and home to Illiaximus' Katastrofik Syndicate. will feature exclusive content from the Chicago native, everything from music to beats, photos and videos, and even a model section. In addition, itsKOTIC also shot an exclusive photoshoot for the project.

Check out by clicking on the link, and check out some exclusive photos in our photoshoot section.

Update: As of 11/12/2016 at 1:15pm ETD, has gone through some changes by the site owner Illiaximus, and it no longer represents the original layout designed by itsKOTIC.